YAMAHA Top Case 30L

YAMAHA Top Case 30L

  • 30 L
Part Code : 2DP284A8A000

Parts Description

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Features :

Capacity: 30L
Weight: 2.4kg
Maximum Carrying Weight: 3.0kg
Size: Width 380mm x Depth 330mm x Height 300mm

1. Yamaha car Match the Sharp, Stylish Design
2. Rugged construction with Clear tough strength of Yamaha motors in.
3. YamahaFull face helmet1pc. In addition to the sheer Jacket and Gloves can be stored.
4. Adopt a locking System ensure high rigidity Shell with the Simple. Opening and closing is Smooth.
5. With no key operation opening and closing of the Case can be the convenience can be locked if necessary Spec..
    Adopted with a grip Screw Mounting structure with no tool can be removed.
6. Universale plate separately (Mount plate)
7. Using a special Attachment to NMAX enables Direct mount to the existing YamahaOEM Aluminum Carrier.
8. BoxDedicated keys included. (Key Quantity : 2pc. With a set)
    CollarPanel (Option) The Dress-up according to the BodyCollar mounting possible.